How To Redeem Your Gift Card?

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PSN Card

Whether it's games, movies, or add-ons, the PlayStation Gift Card is the convenient way to get instant access to all the best features in the PlayStation Network. Here's a guide to help you redeem your cards faster.

  1. Sign in using your PSN account information, and navigate to the account management section.
  2. In ‘Account Management’ look through the menu of options and select ‘Redeem Code’.
  3. You will be redirected to a page with three boxes in which to input the 3 sections of your code. The code you receive will look something like: ABAB-1234-AB56. Each group of letters are separated by a dash, input each group, in order into their respective boxes.
  4. Confirm the code and your account wallet will update with either the funds on the card, or credit your account membership with the subscription time corresponding with the card you purchased from us, here at NintendoCardDelivery.

Congratulations! Enjoy your full access to the PSN and all of its games, add-ons, and digital content!

Xbox Card

All codes are valid, active, immediately usable, and redeemable for Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms, as well as for Windows 8 mobile devices. Here is a list of simple, easy to follow instructions to redeem your Xbox game card.

How to Redeem on your Computer
  1. Follow this link to the Xbox website:
  2. Click the ‘Sign In’ button in the upper right-hand corner, and enter your account information.
  3. Once the sign in is successful you will see your gamer tag (account name) in the right corner. Placing your mouse cursor over your name will produce a short drop down menu for options to manage your account.
  4. Select ‘Redeem Code’ which will redirect you to the Redeem page. Click ‘Redeem’
  5. Enter your code found on the PDF file you received via email from NintendoCardDelivery in the space provided and click ‘Confirm’.
How to Redeem on your Console
  1. Turn on your Xbox One console and sign in.
  2. From the Home screen, scroll to the right to select ‘Store’.
  3. You will see a categories menu on the right side of the screen, select ‘Games’, followed by ‘Use a code’, or simply say ‘Xbox, use code’.
  4. You will be provided a space to enter your 25-digit code located on your PDF file delivered to your email from NintendoCardDelivery.
  5. Confirm the code, and the funds or subscription will update to your account and become available for use!

Congratulations! Your Xbox account will now be credited with either the subscription amount to allow your access to Gold status, or the funds that are ready to use on your Xbox platform to purchase games, add-ons, music, movies, and more!

Nintendo eShop Card

If you have just purchased a Nintendo eShop card, floow these instructions to redeem your codes.

  1. On your Nintendo device, select the eShop icon at the Home menu.
  2. Scrolling to the left will present the option to ‘Add Funds’
  3. Click the “Redeem a Nintendo eShop Card” button.
  4. Simply input the code found on your PDF attachment delivered to your email from NintendoCardDelivery and select ‘OK’, to credit the funds to your Nintendo Network ID.

There you go! Now you’ve got your Nintendo account loaded, and ready to get any new game or application right away using the account balance tied to your Network ID! Quick, easy, and no credit card required.

Minecraft Game Card

NintendoCardDelivery is thrilled to provide you with access to the one of the best-selling video games of all time. This simple, yet incredibly immersive gaming experience has earned the love of tens of millions of gamers of all ages. Here are some steps to help you get started!

  1. The code you purchased allows full access to Mojang’s Minecraft. While it can certainly be given as a gift, this card is a game code that serves as your voucher to download the full version of the game. It is not used for in-game purchases or services, such as a Blizzard, PSN or Xbox card.
  2. Follow this link to Mojang’s account page:
  3. Enter in the email you wish to associate with the account, your password, and accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, and click ‘Register’
  4. Navigate to sign into your account using the information you provided for the previous step.
  5. You will see a prompt to redeem a code for the full version of Minecraft. Find the code on the PDF delivered to your email from NintendoCardDelivery and redeem the code.

Congrats! You are now free to explore, create, and do battle within the massive, and ever-expanding Minecraft Universe!

Blizzard Game Card

These steps will help you redeem your game codes and subscription time to your Blizzard account.

  1. You can redeem your Blizzard prepaid codes either on the desktop application, or on after you sign in using your account information.
    • On the application, click ‘Shop’ where you will see a wallet amount of the currency you use for your account. Click there, and a drop down menu with the option to “Add Pre-paid Card”
    • This will take you to the Account page on the website. Proceed with Step 2.
  2. Once you arrive at the Account page, click ‘Games & Codes’ which will open the Code Redemption page with a space available to type your code that was delivered to your email in the PDF file from NintendoCardDelivery.
  3. Click the blue ‘Redeem Code’ button.

Congratulations! If you are redeeming a gift card, the funds will credit to your account to be used for games, services, in-game content, add-ons, and much more. If you redeemed a subscription code, your World of Warcraft account will reflect the added game time. Enjoy!

League of Legends Game Card

Get in action faster by following these simple steps on how to redeem your gift card.

  1. Open the League of Legends application from the icon on your computer’s desktop.
  2. Launch the game, and sign into your League of Legends (LoL) account. Once complete, click the treasure chest icon to go to the Store.
  3. On the left side of the screen, click ‘Purchase RP’
  4. You will see several options for adding funds to your account. Click the ‘Prepaid cards’ option.
  5. A space will appear for you to enter your code from NintendoCardDelivery.

Congratulations! Your account will update to show the points you’ve added to your account to spend on new champions, content, and additions!

Steam Gift Card
  1. Once you have created your Steam account, click on your user name in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and select account details.
  2. Here you will be able to view your account history and a list of your previous Steam purchases. On the right side of the screen you will see your account balance, and an option to add funds to your Steam Wallet.
  3. Click the link labeled: Redeem a Steam Wallet Code
  4. Once you navigate to that page you will be prompted with a box to input the code found on the PDF file of the Steam Wallet Code. Enter the code and press ‘redeem’. The code will accept and credit your Steam Wallet with the amount corresponding to the Wallet Code that you purchased. You are now free to purchase the game, add-on or hardware that you desire!
Karma Koin Gift Card

Karma Koin - How To Use hosts an ever-growing library of games that now accept Karma Koin as a payment option. Use it to buy a game, add-on, or subscription to content on any of these options. The Karma Koin team is constantly moving forward to expand to other markets and find new retailers that accept this globally-conscious organization as a viable currency option for all of their user’s needs.

To use your Karma Koin, purchase your gift code from NintendoCardDelivery and visit the merchant site you wish to buy from. Select the Karma Koin payment option and input the PIN code found on your email delivered PDF file from us. Remember, you can also combine Karma Koin balances to a single card in case one card doesn’t have enough funds to complete the transaction on the Karma Koin website.

Amazon Gift Card

These steps will provide you with some easy to follow steps to credit your account with the funds on your card.

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Sign in to your account using the button in the upper right-hand corner of the Amazon home screen. Hovering over the ‘Your Account” button will create a drop down menu, click the ‘Your Account’ option.
  3. All of your Amazon account information can be found on this page, including how to view and track orders, change your settings, etc. In the ‘Payment’ section in the right-hand column, select ‘Apply a Gift Card to Your Account’.
  4. You will be redirected to the next page, click ‘Apply a Gift Card to Your Account’ again, and input the code found on your PDF file delivered to your email from NintendoCardDelivery. After you type the code, select ‘Apply to Your Account’ and the funds will be credited to your account to use as you please.

Congrats! You have successfully redeemed your gift card, and you are ready to explore Amazon’s vast selection of electronics, apparel, books, and much more!

iTunes Gift Card

Once you receive your iTunes gift codes, you will be able to redeem them at the iTunes App Store for your access to Apple’s impressive selection of games, apps, television shows, movies, books, and much more!

How to Redeem on your Mobile Device

iTunes Gift cards can be easily redeemed on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

  1. Select the iTunes Store, the App Store, or iBooks on your device’s home screen.
  2. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page where you will see your Apple I.D. and a button labeled: ‘Redeem’
  3. You will be asked to sign in using your Apple I.D. to make sure you are redeeming the code to your secure account. You may then either use the camera function on your device to target the code, and it will input the gift code; or select ‘enter your code manually’, which will allow you to type the code into the offered space. Tap ‘Redeem’ again.
  4. After the code is redeemed successfully, your Apple I.D. account balance will update, and you will be free to purchase as you please!
How to Redeem on your Computer

If you do not use an Apple mobile device, you may also redeem your iTunes gift vouchers on your personal computer. You will simply need to download and install the iTunes program from Apple’s website:

  1. In the right-hand corner you will see a blue-highlighted button labeled: ‘Download iTunes’. You will be redirected to the next page, click the button ‘Download Now’.
  2. Wait for a moment for the download to complete, and open the program. This may take a minute or two to load.
  3. On the left-hand side, click ‘iTunes Store’ and sign in to, or create your Apple I.D.
  4. On the iTunes Store page of the program, on the right-hand side of the screen you will see a section of the menu labeled ‘Music Quick Links’ that list several options to navigate to. Click ‘Redeem’
  5. Input the code found on your iTunes Gift Card PDF that was emailed to you from NintendoCardDelivery. Click ‘Redeem’ and the funds will be credited to your account for use on your computer, or mobile Apple device.
Google Play Gift Card

Once you have created your USA Google Account, all you need to do now is redeem your gift codes, and enjoy all that the Google Play Store has to offer!

  1. On your Google Home Page, in the right hand corner you will see your account name, and links to navigate to Google’s other webpages. Click the icon of the square made up of nine smaller blocks labeled ‘Google Apps’
  2. Click the multi-colored triangle pointing to the right labeled ‘Google Play’, this is a quick link to:
  3. On the left hand side of the screen you will see a menu to assist you in navigating the store’s categories. Near the bottom of the list, click ‘Redeem’. A pop up window will appear with a space to ‘Enter gift card or promo code’. Type the code located on your Google Play card PDF into the offered space and click the gray ‘Redeem’ box. The funds of the card will be credited to your Google Play Wallet.
  4. Congrats! You can now access all of Google’s apps, games, TV shows, movies, music, and more!
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